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Pictures from previous trail rides below.

The 2017 23rd Annual Dan's Cycle Trail Ride will be in the area around beautiful Gunnison and Crested Butte, Colorado.

Rides will include the Taylor Park and Pitkin areas. This is a popular destination for us, due to the hundreds and hundreds of miles of trails in this region. We will tour ATV trails of varying difficulty, but dirt and trail bike riders are also welcome to join us!

Ride dates will be Monday through Thursday, July 24-27th. We recommend that all participants let us know they are coming in advance. You can ride as many or as few days as you want and are welcome to extend your stay or include sight-seeing adventures of your own! Ladies often enjoy a day in Crested Butte (perhaps while the guys ride!). We will meet Monday, July 24th at 8:00 a.m. Mountain Daylight Time at the Safeway store in Gunnison. The Safeway store is located two blocks west of the center of town just off Highway 50. Look for the red Dan's Cycle Chevy truck and other loaded trucks and trailers.

All off-highway vehicles require an OHV permit. Permits are available at the Department of Wildlife office just south of the Safeway store, but we recommend using the link below to purchase them in advance of the trip.

Stay tuned for more information. Check back just prior to leaving for the latest updates. Many experienced trail-riders may opt to meet us at the staging area for each day's ride, rather than travel into Gunnison, particularly after the first morning.

2018 permits will be required on this trail ride.

PLEASE NOTE: The 2018 Non-Resident OHV permits will be available April 1, 2017.

Below is a link for you to get your Colorado State Parks non-resident OHV permit. A permit is required for each machine that you ride. Click the link below and you will be automatically routed to their Web Store page that sells the non-resident permits. Key in your information, provide your credit card number, and your permits will be on their way. It will save us valuable time if everyone already has their permits. (More ride time!)

We offer this trail ride as a no-charge, value-added benefit to our customers. Everyone is responsible for all of their own expenses, travel, and reservations.

Tips for an Enjoyable Ride

We want every participant to have a memorable time! There are trails for most skill levels in the area, but know your limitations! It is usually the experienced rider that pushes the envelope. We have not ever had a bad accident on these trail rides, but the potential is certainly there. All riders participate at their own risk.

Bring rain gear and an extra layer of warm clothing. You WILL get wet at some point during the week. Wear a helmet, goggles, gloves, long sleeve shirt, boots or appropriate footwear, and sunblock. Helmets do a great job if we happen to encounter hail or snow, not to mention their intended use.

Know the range of your machine and carry extra gas if needed. The Arctic Cat and Kawasaki vehicles will go approximately 65 miles on a topped off tank if properly jetted for high altitude. Generally downsizing the main jet in the carburetor 1 to 3 sizes will make your machine run much better. If you will be riding a carbureted vehicle, please make sure the jetting is done prior to your trip!

Buy your gasoline in the mountains. It has a lower octane rating and the appropriate oxygenators for the region.

Please realize that a normally aspirated (non turbocharged) internal combustion engines lose about 3% of its ability to produce power for every thousand feet above sea level that you go up. There is less oxygen the higher you go up for you and your machine to breathe. In English this means the performance of your 500 in the mountains will feel like a 400 at 8,000 feet and a 250 at 14,000 feet. Two-strokes will loose more performance than four-strokes. They will also be more cantankerous the higher you go up.

We recommend checking your air cleaner after each days ride. Bring some air cleaner oil and cleaner, for the trails will be dusty unless it is raining. During the dry years, we have had to clean and re-oil filters daily. Carry an extra spark plug or two. Verify your radiator/oil cooler is free from mud and debris.

Each day's ride encompasses the lunch period. Pack your lunch, snacks, and plenty to drink. You dehydrate faster at higher altitudes.

Have a tire sealant such as Slime in your tires, for there are many small sharp rocks. We will install it in all four tires for $39.95 or sell it in quarts for you to install for $18.95. A quart will do two tires. It is only good for approximately 2 years, so if you have a 2014 or older model your tires probably need a booster shot.

Check your tire pressure when you get to where you are staying. If you leave Kansas with your tires at 5 psi they will be at 8-12 when you get to the mountains. Let them down to 5-7 lbs. The higher pressures will create a very rough and uncomfortable ride on the rocky trails. Remember to air them back up before you leave the mountains or they will be almost flat when you return to Kansas.

Use a lower range/gear to slow your downhill descent. Only use your brakes as necessary to avoid overheating them on long descents.

Keep track of the rider behind you, and know how many riders are behind you. When coming to a fork in the trail wait for the person behind you to get close enough to see where you turned off.

In Colorado, the vehicle coming uphill has the right of way.

Drive with your lights on, especially if it is overcast. You can be seen more quickly by other drivers.

When you encounter off-camber roads, shift your weight to the uphill side of the ATV.

Shift your riding position to the front of the ATV if you are climbing a steep incline. Shift your riding position to the rear if you are descending a steep incline.

If you get into a situation where you do not feel comfortable just stop and lock your brake. BE SAFE! Someone will help you get through it.

If you would like a rider safety DVD, please contact us at (620) 327-5001. Or you can review one at Dan's Cycle.

Some riders use FRS radios. If so, set them to channel 1, privacy code 07. Use them for necessary communication only. Cell phones may work intermittently on the trails, but will work in town.

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