Is it a scooter or motorcycle?

These are the state's requirements to qualify as a scooter:

(1) A motor which produces not more than 3.5 horsepower.
(2) A cylinder capacity of not more than 130 cc.
(3) An automatic transmission.
(4) A maximum designed speed of no more than 30 mph.

You can drive scooters with a standard driver's license. You do not need the class M endorsement.

Quality Kymco and E-TON Scooters

Dan's sells and services quality Kymco and E-TON scooters. These two companies have been supplying parts to names like Honda and Yamaha since the early 1960s. They have been around for many years, and they make quality products that are every bit the equal of their Japanese counterparts. Unlike the recent rush of Chinese imports, E-TON and Kymco have replacement parts readily available and come with up to a 2-year factory warranty. These feisty little machines come in sizes ranging from 49cc to 500cc and many don't require insurance or a driver's license. Capable of 35 to 80 mph, scooters make great commuter bikes or around-town transports. There's even enough room under the seat for a full-face helmet or a bag of groceries. Couple those features to the 85+ mpg that these machines are capable of, and you have a smart way to save money. Many accessories are also available for these models. Come see the quality scooters that Dan's Cycle has to offer; you won't be disappointed! At $3.00 for a gallon of gas, that figures out to $.0375 per mile at 80 mpg vs. $.15 at 20 mpg.

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These companies are fast on their feet with new products. Come check out the brand new Xciting 250. Please check out the above links for the latest products.